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Hi students !! Below, you will find some activities to practise what we have studied in Unit 3. I hope you learn and enjoy !! Take note of your results in your notebook in the part of activities. 
There is/are 1
There is/are 2
There is/are - Game
Prepositions ( video explanation and song )

There is/ There are

We use there is and there are when we want to say that something exists (or does not exist):
There's a centipede under this stone.
There are two good reasons to do this.
There isn't any flour in the pantry.
There aren't any seats available.
Is there any petrol in the car?
Are there any potatoes?

Note that we often use there is and there are with a/an, some and any. A/an go with singular, countable nouns. Some and any go with uncountable and plural nouns. A/an and some are used in the affirmative. Any is used with questions and negative statements:
There is a book on the table.
There is an ant on your leg.
There is some tea in the pot.
There are some tools in the second drawer.
There isn't any water in the bottle.
There aren't any eggs in the fridge.
Is there any coffee left?
Are there any tickets for the show?

Note that in informal speech, we often use there iswith plural nouns:
There's some people coming in the front gate.
There's some biscuits in the tin in the pantry.

We can use there in this way with all tenses:
There was a small boy standing next to the pond.
There have been many attempts to climb the mountain.
There will be many refugees if the war begins.

We cannot use it is in the same way as there is. Whereas there is used to say that something exists, it is used for things that people already know about, or that we have already talked about.
There's a big dog in the garden. It's a German shepherd.

There is and there are (and their forms in other tenses) can also be used in question tags:
There isn't any reason for going, is there?
There won't be too many people, will there?
There was nobody looking, was there?

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